Round Punch Tool Sets

This product is used in all industries where it is necessary to open a whole on metal sheets without any burr. Our punches with advanced technology provide maximum efficiency to the users with its high drill capacity. Our puches have two different alternatives based on their usage way; manual and hydraulic system. In such locations where hydraulic system is unsuitable to use, it is possible to open holes by using manual device. Punch sets are composed of 2 pieces; punch and die. On the previously cleaned surface of the metal sheet and indicated with a guide hole; by using a manual or hydraulic screw, punch and die pieces are compressed to each other, which at the same time cuts the metal sheet and creates the clean antı-burr hole. In big quantity cutting jobs, for having a longer lifetime with the puches and screws, it is neccessary to have the hydraulic system.Çantanın içindeki takımlar

Punch tools in the case;

  • Pg9 1 Pc (Punch+Die),
  • Pg11 1 Pc (Punch+Die),
  • Pg13 1 Pc (Punch+Die),
  • Pg16 1 Pc (Punch+Die),
  • Pg21 1 Pc (Punch+Die),
  • Pg29 1 Pc (Punch+Die),
  • Pg36 1 Pc (Punch+Die),
  • Pg42 1 Pc (Punch+Die),
  • Pg48 1 Pc (Punch+Die),
  • 9,5x50 Manual Screw 2 Pcs
  • 19x60 Manual Screw 1 Pc
  • 19x75 Manual Screw 1 Pc
  • Roller Small 1 Pc
  • Roller Big 1 Pc


PG Code

PG7 PG9 PG11 PG13 PG16 PG21 PG29 PG36 PG42 PG48

Diameter Ø mm 

12,7 15,2 18,6 20,4 22,5 28,3 37 47 54 60